Why hasn’t my Ad been approved yet?

Ads are usually approved within a few hours, but it depends how busy the site is and how many moderators are online.  They are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis with the exception of featured ads which are fast tracked.  Please don’t email us to ask when your ad will be approved, as this will take our time away from moderating ads!

The most likely reason for an ad not being approved at all is that you have not added your username and date on a card in the pictures you uploaded.  This must match your account username (the one you use to log in).   We also do not accept usernames added or overlaid into your pictures by computer editing software.  See our Image Rules for details.

Ads posted without the date, with usernames that don’t match, or without a Guntag/Username card at all will be removed without notice!

Category: Selling

June 26, 2017 10:28 am