Rules for Ad Images

Guntags and Ad moderation

In order to be listed on Prefired, all sale ads must have a Guntag displayed next to the item you have for sale

A Guntag is Prefired lingo for a piece of paper with  your FULL Prefired user name and the upload date on it.  You must place this alongside your item/s when photographing them for your listings  (see above image).

This applies to all for sale ads, including accessories and parts.

Check your username here under “Account Information” –  If what you write on the card doesn’t match this, your ad will be declined!

This applies to all for sale ads, including accessories and parts.

If your username doesn’t match your account username, or is difficult to read your ad will not be approved- we recommend the use of our downloadable Guntag card for fastest ad approval.

You can download and print a Guntag card from here, or use plain paper (a post-it note is ideal).

What’s the point of it?

There’s a scam going on the internet where people steal pictures of guns etc for sale from one site, then post them up on another as if they have the item for sale.  You pay them for something they don’t have, and they run off with your money!

With Guntags buyers will be able to see at-a-glance that the item you are selling is really yours to sell, rather than worrying you may have nicked the picture from somewhere on the Internet!

If you are a genuine seller there is no reason not to take a few extra seconds to grab a bit of paper and a pen and take a picture with your username and date shown in it.

  • DO:

  • Place this card at the bottom right of each photo

  • Print your FULL Prefired USERNAME clearly in block capitals (a black marker pen is best)

  • Write the date clearly (should be the date you post your ad)

  • DON’T:

  • Submit a sale ad without a Guntag card in it

  • Edit the picture on a computer to put your username over it, your username must be on a physical piece of paper, actually IN the picture.

  • Write your real name on the card, it must be your USERNAME

Sad Stuff

We just don’t have the resources to keep sending messages to each of you that submits an ad without a valid Guntag in, so going forward we are going to assume that you are a scammer if you ignore the multiple mentions of the image rules and will delete your ad accordingly.  Repeat offenders will be removed from the site.

The Prefired admin team would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to use Guntags in their ads so far.  You’ve made our queue of pending posts a little shorter, and more importantly, Prefired safer.  Cheers!

If you have any questions please Contact us