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Upgraded MK12 replica

Basic upgrades mk12 replica -Lonex hop up chamber -90° Hard bucking -Flat nub -509mm Madbull Steelbull 6.03mm barrel -Lonex A2 […]

Ares SOC-AR aeg

Ares SOC-AR bullpup, 322fps on .20g . 3d printed front, can be removed easily, 2x epm and original ares hicap, […]

Echo 1 G.A.T.

Stock Echo 1 G.A.T -×4 250rnd hi-caps -x1 2200mAh 7.4v VP Lipo -x1 MOE rail section at 3 o’clock position […]

Bundle deal

Selling all my guns as I’m leaving the game, both rifles has mosfet, the bigger one has ETU as well, […]

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