Rules for Ad Images

Guntags and Ad moderation In order to be listed on Prefired, all sale ads must have a Guntag displayed next to the item you have for sale A Guntag is Prefired lingo for a piece of paper with  your FULL Prefired user name and the upload date on it.  You must place this alongside your item/s when photographing them for your listings  (see above image). This applies to all for sale ads, including accessories and parts. Check your username here under "Account Information" -  If what you write on the card doesn't match this, your ad will be declined! This applies to all for sale ads, including accessories and parts. If your username doesn't match your account username, or is difficult to read your ad will not be approved- we recommend the use of our downloadable Guntag card for fastest ad approval. You can download and print a Guntag card from here, or use plain paper (a post-it note is ideal). What's the point of it? There's a scam going on the internet where people steal pic…
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Welcome to Prefired- The new way to sell used airsoft gear

Up until recently, selling airsoft guns in the UK was a simple matter of posting in a group on social media. That is until the site in question put a stop to the sale of anything remotely gun-shaped. This left a bit of a vacuum, with most Airsofters, us included having nowhere to sell unwanted RIF's.  This very real problem has prevented many of us buying more new and shiny kit!  We decided to do something about it, and started work on a solution several months ago.  What we came up with became Here's a quick rundown of some of our best features: Security Industry-standard SSL Encryption Hassle free, secure signup and login using your existing Facebook account Selling Easily list your items for sale from desktop or mobile devices Add up to five images Our easy to use listing form makes adding item specific information, such as Make, Weapon type etc simple. List by area to appeal to buyers near you Bump your ad every 48hrs Buying Browse the …
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