Buyers MUST have a Defence under the VCRA  in order to buy a prefired Airsoft shotgun from a seller in this category-  Please do not ask our sellers to break the law by selling to you without a defence.


TM m870

TM model 870 – original box, stock with green gas tank, 21 shells, scarbard with hole for barrel through it, […]
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Secutor Velites G-VI

Secutor Velites G-VI Hardly Used – Few Usage Marks Present Leak Free 6 Shells Original Box Works Perfectly.
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Cyma tri shot springer

Cyma tri shot springer, Shoots fine, comes with a bit of mlock rail on the right side of the pump
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HPA TM breacher

HPA breacher – Used for about 2 hours total, just doesn’t fit my play style Works perfectly Hpa tap is […]
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