Original kar98 made to airsoft


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Item ConditionUsed
MakeSnow wolf
Weapon TypeSpring/Bolt Action
FPS (Approximately)450 - 500 FPS
Collection/DeliveryPost Only


So I made an original kar98 into an airsoft using Snow Wolf’s kar98 spring version.

I’m willing to make more of them and each piece will cost 800 € +shipping
It includes that i buy a new SW KAR98K and the original parts and assemble them for you and I’ll do the necessary woodwork that has to be done to the stock. After the installation you will not be able to use the stock for a real gun since the wood must be modified inside. Outside will look exactly the same.
Since SW’S stock is innaccurate to the original (like all the stocks except Tanaka) two small gaps can happen ( not necessarily counts on the original stock too since those stocks were made in 1944) between the bolt and the stock. You can see them on the attached pictures.

Can you make it with differen K98 too (eg G&G)
Most likely it is possible but I dont have a budget to buy all kind of K98s .If you send me yours I can try to make it for you. If i can’t then I’ll simply just send you back your gun.
I can also upgrade your k98 with the TNT upgrade kit price will be the kit +10 € for the work
If you have your own kar98 you can send me that and then off couse the total price will be less (since I don’t have to buy the gun)
The process takes about 2-3 weeks. Counts on how fast the components arrive.
I can also make you the sniper varriant for around extra 200 € (without scope) since the mount costs more than 130 € and i can only found repro ones .

There are two ways to mount the scope you can choose which you want
1, Magnetic: strong and easy to remove
2,Gunsmith: Original WH mount done by a my gunsmith friend ( drilling must be made etc)

Let’s discuss the detail
What is original on the gun?
-Stock ( The stocks are coming from a yugo warehouses so the Wa stamps are mostly not visible counts on your luck if on yours they were removed or not BUT THEY RE ORIGINAL GERMAN MADE NOT Yugo or M48 STOCKS)
-Bayonett Holder
-Clearing rod
-Barrel Band Spring

Your rifle by default will come with a closed under ring instead of the H one because H ones are hard to find but i can fin them for you if you want.
Extras that can be bought and not included by default
Sniper buttplate 60 €
H under ring price varries about 13 € when i find it for you we can discuss the price
Original front sight + protector 16 €
Any other extras you want can be discussed. I can also buy some magazines and a carrying string for you (no extra will be charged just the price of them)
If you have any questions fell free to contact me

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May 10, 2020 7:21 am