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Item ConditionUsed-Like New
Weapon TypeHPA
FPS (Approximately)328 - 350 FPS
Collection/DeliveryPost or Collect
Postage Cost5

This is a sale for Brand new Full mp9 set ups/ upgrade sets. All upgrades come with a 5 year warranty and are made in the UK. These parts are made with the best possible materials, steels that have higher tensile strength than titanium and aluminium that’s even stronger than 7075-t6. These parts will beat every other upgrade part on the market no contest and that is proved with it’s warranty. No one is doing it like this.

The price is low compared to over guns/upgrades on the market because I make the upgrades my self on CNC machinery. There is no middle man. Designed by me, Made by me and my machines, Guns Built an put together by me, Tested by me and Posted by me. This allows me to put lowest prices With highest quality because I’m there in every step, That’s why its backed by 5 year warranty.

I am a player first and That’s why I decided to make this product because I felt like it had to exist. I did too well with this gun in cqb, 5 years of banging headshots, The manoeuvrability paired with its ease of use and time to fire made quick work of other players that used m4s/rifles. The only problem with it was the internals was made out of some sort of cheese, Something had to be done.

The 5 year warranty works very simple. if its broke/not working, I will communicate with on how to identify the problem. then if a part is broke, you then have 2 options I send out new parts so you can fix it yourself or you can send it back to me (I pay postage) and it will be fixed within 7 days once in my hands, then will be sent back if not, you have the right to money back. unlike other stores which will have your gun for time, You will back in the action for the next game day. Broken parts will be very unlikely to happen as they are made of extremely strong materials. but if it does happen that’s what the warranty is there for. Its peace of mind and to clearly explain this is not no joke tackle.

Pre orders are available if out of stock on my website. There’s a lot of interest in the products and I’m starting to already take pre orders. The process for pre orders is simple. you contact me about pre ordering I tell you a date on which the product will be ready. if you are happy with the date. I will take 10% of the money and you will go on the list. You can get back in full the pre order money at anytime, no questions asked. If the product is not ready for whatever reason i.e (machine blows up), you will automatically get your money back. When the product is ready you pay the rest and you get the product

Price list below.

1. Mp9a1/a3 with upgrades installed. £360 or without Magazine £330. Fps 290 on .28s at 150psi. 23RPS. 140-240 PSI
2. Mp9 upgrade bolt and hammer set £180 set includes bolt, nozzle, piston, hammer, disconnector. All springs upgraded.
3. Mp9 upgraded hammer set £60
4. Mp9 upgraded Bolt set £120
5. Mp9 150% hammer spring and recoil spring £7

6. Mp9 original gun a1 or a3. £180 (comes with no warranty)
7. Mp9 original bolt. £30 (comes with no warranty)
8. Mp9 original Hammer and disconnector. £20 (comes with no warranty)

9. KWA gas magazine £40. HPA tapped £45

10. BB prices (new sealed bottles)
Devils 0.28s 3300 rounds (3 Bottles 20 quid)

Blaster 0.28 Tracers 3300 rounds (3 bottles £45)

10. All postage cost just 5-7 quid.

Please go to my website for all the information at there you will all the information about the best airsoft gun on the market to date. Any Questions please ask and I will answer.

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March 20, 2024 1:23 pm

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