Additional Info

Item ConditionUsed-Very Good
MakeAction Army
Weapon TypeGas Blowback
FPS (Approximately)up to 328 FPS
Collection/DeliveryPost or Collect
Postage CostFree

AAP-01 SMG, £500, Postage Inc. Open to offers and negotiating.

Please for the love of God, somebody take this thing away from me.

I keep spending money on it hoping it’ll work when I know the only thing that it needs is HPA (which I can’t afford) or an indoor site (and there are none near me). It works apart from occasionally full-autoing on semi. It’s literally just a case of replacing the auto-sear.

Comes with 3 gas tight mags, 1 leaky but its just a bad o-ring. 3 are Tokyo Marui, 1 is WE. Tokyo Marui rmr sight with picatinny adapter (slightly cracked but fixed with tolleys glue), and LITERALLY countless spare parts and random bits and pieces that I can’t be bothered to sort through (an entire box full). CTM-Tac fuku furniture, CTM hammer set, CTM Ultralight bolt with charging handle, Loki TDC hop unit, SHS bucking, extended inner tightbore barrel, Action Army handguard and stock.

I’ve spent upwards of a grand on this thing trying to get it to work but it’s just a sunk-cost fallacy. Please, somebody who can get it to work, buy it from me so I never have to see it again.

Listing ID: 100065d49a41b6c42

February 20, 2024 1:33 pm