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Item ConditionUsed
MakeUmarex Tavor 21
Weapon TypeAuto Electric
FPS328 - 350 FPS
Collection/DeliveryPost or Collect
Postage Cost20
Video URL62 Chertsey Street

2 x 360 magazines /wind up
Dual mag carrier
Airsoft metal grill goggles (perfect as they don’t steam up)
Roughly 1500 high-quality biodegradable BB’s
Silencer (not in the pictures)

BATTERY NOT INCLUDED!!!! Suggested 9.6V Ni-Mh

The only thing missing is a small bolt that keeps the battery compartment shut. I just use a small piece of metal. Very easy to fix and doesn’t affect the performance of the gun or look.

This Airsoft replica Tavor 21 M-TAR is 6mm BB Airsoft assault rifle, which combines the compact bullpup platform with practical ambidextrous controls and an incredibly unique and futuristic appearance. Completely sold out almost everywhere and even discontinued on some sites, this is one of the rare opportunities to get your hands on a unique weapon.

First appearing in 2001, the Tavor 21 M-TAR was the Israeli’s attempt to make a service weapon which was compact, lightweight and practical in a wide range of situations, from urban CQB to open fields – and ARES has delivered a very high quality 6mm BB Airsoft replica.

Built in the bullpup configuration with the magazine located behind the trigger group, the Tavor manages to combine an overall short length with a maximised barrel length. As a result, the Tavor is equally at home on outdoor Airsoft skirmish fields as well as urban CQB sites.

The Tavor 21 M-TAR is constructed predominantly from polymers, resulting in a weapon which is lightweight and comfortable to carry. Indeed, the only alloy components on this Airsoft replica are the outer barrel, the controls, 20mm RIS rail and the internals! Ergonomics and ease of use were a major consideration during the design of the Tavor, and ARES have excellently recreated these on the Airsoft gun. The controls are fully ambidextrous, and the pistol grip has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible, with a rounded profile, a moulded finger ridge and a stippled non-slip texture.

A short 20mm RIS rail is located along the top of the Airsoft gun, allowing the installation of any optics or scopes as you require. ARES have also recreated the Tavor’s unique folding iron sights, allowing you to use those instead.

It saddens me to have to sell this beauty. I used this TAR for many years and I hope whoever takes it will get the same enjoyment out of it as I did.

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May 7, 2021 4:11 pm

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