Lambda Defence Full Steel MK48 Mod 0 LMG (Like new in box, with additional deactivated 7.62 chain thrown in)


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Item ConditionUsed-Like New
MakeLambda Defence
ModelMK48 Mod 0
Weapon TypeAuto Electric
FPS (Approximately)up to 328 FPS
Collection/DeliveryPost or Collect
Postage CostI'm not sure I want to think about it

If you like heavyweight, attention-drawing, vaguely-scary, lower-back-murdering centrepieces at your skirmishes, look no further!

You might have seen the Lambda Defence MK48s popping up at various retailers for eye-watering amounts (usually between £900-1000), and wondered what makes them so worthy of the premium. Truth is, they aren’t; they are essentially bog-standard A&K internals with a really fancy steel shell around them.

And don’t get me wrong, the shell in question is very, very nice……clocking in at roughly 8kg empty(!) the exterior is authentic full steel with the exceptions of the pistol grip, stock, and the aluminium upper tray and heatshield. The barrel, bipod, receiver, feed tray, charging handle and external moving parts plus the iron sights are all magnet-proven steel, with not a squeak or wobble to be found anywhere in the main body of the gun. The only modification made to the gun to date has been the addition of a small metal washer in the pistol grip pin to remove a tiny amount of wobble.

The box mag is wired directly to the gearbox (as can be seen by the cable below the feed tray) and holds a whopping 5000 rounds. I’ve also taken the liberty of attaching a short chain of deactivated Nato 7.62 rounds to the removable tab on the box mag; just give the rounds a tug, and the tab pops out allowing you to pour in the BBs. The gun itself uses a standard Tamiya connector, with battery storage sitting underneath the outer barrel. There isn’t acres of space under there, but there’s plenty enough room for standard-size LiPos (which this gun is thankfully rated to use).

Internally however, this behemoth is absolutely NOT worth £1000. The internals are as bog-standard as it is possible to get, identical to those you would find on the myriad A&K M249 variants. The only exception to this is the hop unit, accessed by removing the outer barrel via the quick-release lever on the left side of the gun. The hop is rotary and almost identical to the excellent aftermarket Bullgear options, albeit of somewhat lower build quality and with a tendency to be rather sensitive to the mildest adjustments. Asides from that, I can’t really vouch as to it’s performance, because so far it has been outdoors for all of half an hour. It WORKS just fine as far as I can tell, but among other things the motor is in definite need of an upgrade for it to class as a real support weapon.

Why am I getting rid of it? In short, I paid £1000 for this thing from Airsoft World, and the product I received left a bad taste in my mouth. I certainly don’t view it as being worth more than MAYBE £600 brand new, and that’s with the shop markup and taking the excellent externals into account. So, if you have a penchant for upgrades and would like to get ahold of what is undeniably the highest-external-quality M249-style support weapon on the airsoft market, feel free to drop me a line. And if someone out there has an eye to HPA this thing, you would likely have something absolutely show-stopping on your hands.

If you are within Cheshire or the surrounding regions, collection would ideally be preferable, as this gun is very heavy and rather bulky: postage would be painful, but not out of the question by any means.

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May 3, 2022 12:39 pm

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