Additional Info

Item ConditionUsed
ModelL85 + AKM
Weapon TypeGas Blowback
FPS350 - 400 FPS
Collection/DeliveryCollection Only

​​​​​​​Make: GHK 
Gun/Model: AKM
Accessories: 5x C02 magazine plus mods as listed below 
Condition: used, working 
FPS: low power nozzle installed to make it legal with C02
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nox3
Price/Payment: £600 collection would be ideal as I have nothing to wrap it up in

First up is the GHK mods are as follows, Tip to butt:
-steel outer barrel
-Maple leaf crazy jet w/ hop unit w/ 60° bucking
-Real Russian rear sight 
-real chinese pistol grip
-Steel trigger assembly with semi only sear, hammer is standard
– replaced trigger springs when upgraded the trigger group
-Hephaestus recoil adapter to replace the plastic part that connects the guide rod to the bolt carrier
– low power nozzle to make the rif legal with C02( lower power than the 1j nozzle as it’s not 1j using c02)
– wood has been stained 
– leather sling

Bad points then:
Marks from use 
Has been painted as I originally had it in a more modern format, however can be removed with rubbing alcohol, does make it look artificially dirty as is though which personally appeals to me. 

With C02 it shoots snappy loud and smashes your shoulder in which feels so good. Rapid fire you only get about 50ish rounds out of a bulb. With practice you can change bulbs rapid so not an issue. More chilled out you can get more rounds out of a bulb.
accurate and reaches far with the maple leaf assembly.

Make: WE
Gun/Model: L85
Accessories: 8x magazines 
Condition: used, workin
FPS: no restrictions installed in the nozzle so as factory
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no x3
Price/Payment: £500

This one being the V2 version which has the protective plate at the back of the bolt carrier which prevents the holes for the recoil guide rods closing up

Not much done to this one internally
Maple leaf 60° bucking being the only modification.
externally then being the obvious, paint job can be removed with rubbing alcohol
DD rail
Bipod foregrip
Elcan replica 4x( possibly nuprol, rmr is included however the threads for it have gone so would need re tapping. Elcan glass is clear and optic is undamaged. 

Bad points
Some of the magazines are older than others as seen in the photo, however there are 8 of then and are gas tight, don’t expect the older ones to last forever, most likely benefit from a lube up.
The fake gas parts have not been installed other than. The fake gas plug, I forgot to install them during reassembly, only noticable if you lift the rail cover really.

The safety cannot be applied due to the pin that rides over the trigger being slightly too long, a bit of a file down will sort this out 

There is no fps restriction atm, I would recommend the angry gun nozzle nozzle over an npas as it’s less of a pain with that nozzle.

Collection would be ideal for both rifs as I do not have the materials to package these to a decent standard 

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August 8, 2021 12:11 pm

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