Coronavirus Update


With the Airsoft industry starting to come back to life, we’re moving the site back to normal. Ads will again run for their stated duration rather than double, and Trade adverts will no longer be free.

May 5th

We have taken the decision today to close down the old site completely. There will be no further access to the old email system, or any of the old site resources.

We had hoped to be able to reinstate some of the old site features to the new one before migration, but have not been able to do so due to the costs involved.

March 21st

As we are all no doubt aware, the Coronavirus restrictions are causing a considerable slowdown to the Airsoft industry in the UK, with sites and retailers at risk of financial collapse.

With a number of sites no longer running and many players also struggling to earn a wage, some of you may consider selling up your gear to help tide you over. Sales will inevitably become more difficult as more of us are affected by self-isolation, so from Sunday we will be doubling the length of time supporting ads (14 or 30 day ads) run for to help facilitate sales in this difficult period.

We’d also like to help support any struggling retailers, so we will allow trade ads without charge until further notice to help them keep going.

Ad approval times will be a bit slower as some of our volunteer team are key workers, and will not be moderating until there is some let up in the current situation. You can help us out by making sure you have the correct info on your Guntag for all ads posted before you post your ads.

The current situation could not have come at a worse time for us as we transition between old and new sites. We are currently paying to maintain two web sites which, as the slowdown continues is becoming increasingly unaffordable. We rely on contributions from users to operate the site, so if you can help support us by upgrading or extending the length of your ads when you post them it will be much appreciated.

Stay safe everyone.

March 21, 2020 1:58 pm